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With its prime location in the heart of Turkey combined with the highly reliable, responsible, hardworking and multi-skilled team makes Desan Shipyard a dynamic player in the ship building and ship repair field.
Well-equipped workshops and a team of experts with many years of shipping experience allow Desan Shipyard to offer the best solutions and excellent professional ship care service to ship owners. All works are performed according to the rules and standards of all major International Classification Societies and National Maritime Authorities. We value the latest technology, innovation, customer satisfaction, superior quality, best price, careful planning, punctual delivery time and priority to safety.



Dock 19 Floating dock 197m x 27m
Dock 49 Floating dock 234m x 41m
Alongside 1 Berth 240m / Crane 50t -20t
Alongside 2 Berth 195m / Crane 10t
Berth 1 Berth 225m / Crane 50t
Berth 2 Berth 175m / Crane 50t
Berth 3 Berth 170m / Crane 120t
Berth 4 Berth 130m / Crane 200t
Berth 5 Berth 65m / MOB Crane


ISO Certification and quality control systems: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO 18001



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