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With more than 80 years of experience in these fields, ship repair and maintenance form the core business of the yard.
From scheduled and planned dockings to unexpected emergency operations, from little tugs to the new giants of the sea, SGdP has the facilities, the people and the technical knowhow to carry out any kind of repairs on all types of vessels.
SGdP is a recognized specialist in the sophisticated markets of Cruise ships, LNG carriers and Offshore vessels.
General cargo, chemical tankers, liquefied gas carriers, bulk carriers, ore/oil carriers, supply vessels, tugs, barges, ro-ro vessels, ferries and containerships can be easily accommodate and repaired at its facilities.



Dry-dock n.1 Graving dock 170m x 24,3m x 7,6m
Dry-dock n.2 Graving dock 108/68m x 16m x 6,6m
Dry-dock n.3 Graving dock 200m x 30m x 9m
Dry-dock n.4 Graving dock 267m x 40m x 11,4m
Dry-dock n.5 Graving dock 249m x 38m x 8,9m


At SGdP the pursuit of high Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment standards is assumed as an essential factor to satisfy our clients and an unavoidable duty in the respect of everybody.

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