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Docking, there are 7 docking lanes (2x220 m. long, 2x180 m. long and 3x120 m. long) with ample space surrounding the vessel to allow work to be easily carried out and not suffer interferences with other ships. Mobile cranes with capacities of up to 600 MT service dry-docked vessels.

Quays, availability of 700 m long of self-repairing piers with drafts between 8 and 12 m. Two rotating gantry cranes up to 45 MT and 60 m high for servicing vessels alongside.

Astican Deepwater Quayside, drafts as from 21 meters deep to allow FPSO Topsides Conversion, Subsea equipment base for Western Africa. One-Stop-Shop and cost saving for Rig Owners.

Workshops & Warehouses, Warehouse, Maintenance Workshop, Mechanical Workshop, Steel and Piping Workshop, Rolls-Royce Workshop and a Multipurpose Workshop with a surface of 1.080 m2 and 2 overhead cranes of 15 ton. each, in a dust free environment and available for OEM’s upon request.


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